About Us
About us

With 25 years experience in the sports industry and hospitality sector, we specialise in helping clubs, schools, associations, companies and organisations to create their perfect sports holiday on the Costa Blanca.


Our carefully selected team-friendly hotels and facilities are based on one of the most beautiful places on the Mediterranean coast. With swimming pools, gymnasium, physio facilities and special sport menus available, together we make it easy for you to enjoy the many benefits that the Spanish climate provides.


Our sporting venues are world class with the most modern facilities, and we are allied with the best suppliers of transport and all other services that you may need.


The safety and welfare of our guests is our number one priority.  All our staff are vetted, insured and hold the highest of sporting qualifications and our collaborators are in possession of all necessary certification.

From the moment your members arrive until the moment they leave our team will be on hand to assist with all of their needs. Together with you we arrange a full itinerary which in addition to coaching and friendly matches could include morning runs, boot camps and even evening social activities. Whatever your chosen sport your team will benefit in every possible way. All this, together with sports specialists and sunshine helps to guarantee you an unforgettable experience with us.


Based in Spain, Great Britain, Scandinavia and the Faroe Islands, PREMIER SPORTS HOLIDAYS is a brand under the SÓLORKA group and builds on its core values:

  • Trust

  • Presence

  • Hospitality

You can meet our management and senior team HERE



Premier Sports Holidays Ltd.

Ensign House,

Battersea Reach, Juniper Drive

London SW18 1TA, United Kingdom


Queries & booking:

Unn Hilduberg, Head of Services

Email: unn@solorka.com


Company Number: 10990009 (England and Wales)



Sólorka Europe Spf. – DK branch.

Kilen 40, DK-6200 Aabenraa, Denmark


Queries & booking:

Hervør Skála Mortensen, Head of DK branch

Tel. +45 88445599

Email: hervor@solorka.com


Company Number: 5617 (Faroe Islands)

Rejsegarantifonden reg.nr.2917


Sólorka Spf.

Tróndargøta 8, P.O.Box 311

F0-110 Tórshavn, Faroe Islands

Email: solorka@solorka.com


Conde de Altea 48, 3izq

03590 Altea (Alicante)


Company Number: 4924 (Faroe Islands)