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Welcome on one of our popular school visits

The interest for our school visits is rapidly growing and, annually, we receive several hundred student in various age groups – on many occasions even full charter planes.


A school visit with us basically consists of two components:

  • A basic package of travel, accommodation, full board and a number of joint social and sporting activities

  • A number of excursions of your choice


We do recommend that you visit us in the spring or in the autumn. In the summertime, the temperature is often too high for the various activities.

You are welcome to discuss a tailored itinerary with us.


The basic package contains:

  • Direct flights to Alicante t/r (optional)

  • Bus transport between Alicante Airport and resort t/r

  • Accommodation, typically in 3-person apartments in our resort (

  • Full board – breakfast, lunch (or lunchbox) and dinner

  • Complimentary access to our water park, swimming pools, fitness room etc.

  • Joint activities and evening relaxation

  • Sólorka visit coordinator and staff at hand 24/7

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